Wealth, What Is It?

You’ve heard about people with wealth and probably even fantasize about being rich, but you may believe having a lot of money is impossible. That’s most likely because you frame everything within the realm of your own experiences, and you feel that achieving any kind of real wealth is a pipe dream. You look at magazine covers while standing at the checkout counter and see the “rich and famous,” all the while thinking, “I could never have that.”

Is Wealth Really What You Think It Is?

The wealth obstacle for most people is believing that wealth has a finite definition. The reality is that wealth is a relative term. If you’re used to making $75,000 a year and you land a job making $150,000 a year, you’d probably be out celebrating. However, if you were making $500,000 a year and found yourself with a $150,000 income, you’d feel much differently. The reason is because your personal experience of wealth depends on what I call your “wealth trajectory.”

What Is Wealth Trajectory?



Wealth trajectory is how you arrived at your current financial position. Was the trajectory on the way up… or down? If it was on the way up, (your personal income has been increasing) then the feeling of where you are will be more positive. If – on the other hand – your wealth trajectory is on the way down (decreasing personal income), you won’t be feeling so positive. You’ll probably feel downright negative.

The question then becomes how do you insulate yourself from a down trajectory and maintain – as much as is within your control – an “UP” trajectory? In today’s economy the answer to that question is not as simple as it once was.

The job market is certainly less abundant than desirable. So, while increasing your income has always been a challenge, it’s even more difficult than in the past. However, getting on and maintaining an “UP” wealth trajectory doesn’t necessarily require you to continue to beat the bushes looking for higher paying work. The secret to getting on and maintaining an upward wealth trajectory is in mastering your cash flow. And the secret to mastering your cash flow is learning how to live like a banker.

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Maybe you’ve experienced the roller-coaster ride the economy and investment world have been on in recent years. If you haven’t felt the “thrill ride” (or should I say, “shrill” ride), it’s probably because you haven’t been able to put aside anything for your financial future so you have no skin in the game. If that’s the case, then you have to fill out the form on this page to learn:

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How can it be so simple?

It’s simple because banking is not complicated. Bring in money from depositors, lend that money to borrowers, and charge more interest than you pay out. But what if you’re the depositor, the banker, and the borrower? And what if you’re always earning more as the depositor than you’re paying as the borrower? And what if payments on purchases you already make anyway could be building your wealth rather than an outside bank’s wealth? When you discover the banker’s secret to true, meaningful wealth accumulation, you’ll have an “Ah ha!” moment – slap yourself in the forehead, and realize that it is possible for you… YES YOU… to get what you really want out of life without having to make impossible changes.

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