Wealth Effect

Wealth Effect – What Is It?

The wealth effect is a commonly understood economic term that refers to the increase or decrease in spending as a result of consumers’ perceived increase (or decrease) in wealth. These days, when it comes to wealth, it seems that it’s all about perception…

For instance, if people are spending a lot, the “perception” is that there must be a healthy “wealth effect” because spending is up. However, just because people are spending doesn’t necessarily mean “wealth” or “wealth effect” is increasing? This is because spending doesn’t require wealth these days and shouldn’t be an indicator of what’s referred to as the wealth effect.

In our current consumption culture, the impact spending has on the wealth effect is becoming less and less important because spending these days doesn’t require wealth… just credit. And that’s where the trouble begins…

The Wealth Effect Today

Leveraging tomorrow’s income (by using credit) to buy things today would – according to the current definition of the wealth effect today – imply there’s a corresponding increase in wealth.

But is spending fueled by the use of credit a true measure of the wealth effect?

Wealth Effect

Wealth Effect

Spending fueled by the use of credit – in the long run – will ultimately have a negative impact on the wealth effect. This is because, as time passes, the payments for past purchases will eventually catch up with you and – as as result – lower your ability to spend in the future. The result, a decrease in the wealth effect.

Is there a way for you to spend while simultaneously having a true, positive impact on the wealth effect?

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